Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fly With Me

Today I am blogging from seat 18D at 35,000 feet. For some reason, airports always inspire me to muse about the analogies between life and travel. Anyway, the passenger in 18 E is snoring, which takes away any guilt I might have had about not conversing with a stranger about random topics. Indulge me as I embark upon a whirlwind of metaphors that are swirling around in my head and forgive me if I stop to clear my ears from time to time.

As we boarded the plane today, the flight attendant announced (in her voice reserved for not so pleasant news) that the overhead storage bins were full and that all remaining bags would have to be checked plane side. Of course this did not ruffle my feathers since I paid the $25.00 baggage fee to check my bag (my hairspray is worth it). The announcement led to a conversation with my son about how the cabins were not designed to accommodate so many large bags and that most people have too much baggage anyway. Of course in defense of the woman who rolled over my foot with her rolling bag, we have been reduced to this madness by no choice of our own. Well, the point is, life and flying are much easier when we learn to travel light and eliminate some of the excess baggage we carry around with us. You know that grudge you have been holding against someone for years and that chip you've had on your shoulder for a while? I for one want to lighten my load and stop holding on to the things of the past that weigh me down and steal my joy. The point is, there is just not enough room in anyone's life for excess baggage. It's time to check that junk at the gate. "Cast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous be shaken." Psalms 55:22 NIV (pause for announcement from the cockpit)

"Ladies and gentlemen, due to unexpected turbulance, the captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign" (be right back). As I refrain from grabbing the stranger next to me, (never mind, that's Chase) I am reminded that life is full of unexpected bumps and what the pilot calls "rough air". Most of the time we never see it coming and then suddenly we are bounced around hoping to survive the chaos and confusion that interrupts our once peaceful journey. It is usually during these turbulent times that my faith is suddenly challenged and I search frantically for the only truth I can hold onto. Just like turbulence, unexpected challenges in life can be scary, but with Jesus as our co-pilot, we find comfort in knowing that setbacks are only temporary. If we lean on Him, He will take us to a higher altitude and help us find that smooth air we've been looking for. After all Psalms 9:9 tells us, "The LORD is a refuge for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. He is our strong tower." NIV

Well, it looks like the first leg of my trip is almost over and the flight attendant is giving me that look (which means turn off my electronic device). Pray for me, I have a tight connection in Atlanta! Now, as we prepare for landing, make sure your seatbacks and tray tables are in the locked and upright position and next time, fly with me!

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  1. Thanks sister, I needed to read this! Awesome wisdom as always! Love you